FH (Ocoee)

FH (Ocoee) With Graphic

FH (Ocoee) With Graphic

FH (Ocoee) Pigmented Color

FH with graphic

FH with graphic

FH - (Ocoee)

Designed by Frankie Hubbard, the Ocoee is a legend of a boat. MT Canoes wanted to keep that legend alive with our composite version - and alive it is! Its performance as a composite boat is even better. Stiffer, faster, lighter, more responsive and an all around pleasure to paddle. If you know the Ocoee, you know our FH will do nothing but impress when it comes to river running, slalom racing, surfing, and all things whitewater. 

Our FH comes standard with ash gunwales and carbon-basalt deck plates. Materials used are s-glass, Kevlar, carbon-basalt, and carbon fiber. All boats are built with UV inhibited epoxy. 

  • 3 different widths available , 22", 24" and 26"

  • Color options are custom per order, pigments are available in most colors. Price may vary depending upon color scheme.

  • carbon-basalt deck plates

  • Grab loops

  • Triple-oiled gunwales, pre-assembled

  • Stainless steel hardware

  • Vacuum bag construction

                                                                 River Runner Lay up                                      

                                                        Length:                                               11' 3" 

                                                        Raw Hull :                                           23 lb. +/- 3 lb.                                             

                                                        With gunwales and decks:               33 lb. +/- 3 lb.                                   

  • Price w/gunwales and decks: $1,900

  • Price adding complete outfitting: $2,400

  • Composite bow splash plate: $175

Email with questions or to purchase at boatshop@mtcanoes.com   

Phone: Mon-Sat 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain Time        Jeff 406-239-0729            John 406-546-9514